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Azienda Agricola Le Macie di Maria Pellegrini - Loc. Macie, SP9 n. 52 - Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena - Italia  -  P.IVA: 01235860531








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Since 2001, Terra di Seta winery is part of a family-run organic farm conducted by Daniele Della Seta and his wife Maria Pellegrini. The farm is on a hill near Siena, with a 360 view on the Tuscan countryside of the famous Chianti Classico area.


Our territory

Typical of the Chianti Classico area, in the central part of Tuscany in which wine has been produced for centuries, our vineyards are on a hill at about 1,574 feet above sea level, in a natural south-facing amphitheater: a sunny and windy place, with warm days and cool summer nights, perfect for the ripening of Sangiovese grapes, the most important variety of Tuscany, the grape of our tradition.

The ground is rocky and dry, letting the roots of the vine go deep and find water rich in minerals: it is these last ones that give strength and elegance to the wine.


The Chianti Classico wine history

This is a land of ancient traditions that was civilized in remote periods first by the Etruscans, who left many traces of their activity in the wine sector, and then by the Romans. The first document in which the name Chianti appeared in reference to the wine produced in the zone dates to 1398. In 1716 Cosimo III de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany issued an edict with the norms for the production of this wine, the first time in history that someone had promulgated a law about wine! Since 1716 till now the wine of this area continuing to be strictly regulated by the Chianti Classico Consortium. The term “Classico”  means, therefore, “the first”,  “the original.”


The family

While the Della Setas come from an ancient Jewish family settled in Rome since 2000 years, the Pellegrinis are an old Tuscan family, from Pitigliano and Capalbio villages, with three generations of strong tradition and experience in wine production.

Since the 2001, our family started this adventure by purchasing the winery and adopting organic agriculture methods. In the 2008, we decided to add to our whole production the kosher certification, i.e. the suitability of a food for a Jew, using advanced technologies, especially conceived to facilitate some traditional procedures without compromising the high quality level of the wine, so typical of the Chianti Region. With the same strong combination of care, tradition and technology, we produce extra-virgin olive oil and honey. We also organize a farm holiday accommodation, wine tasting tours and every year we try to carry out new projects.


The winemaker

Our oenologist is called Enrico Paternoster. In addition to being a friend, he has  the professional experience that led him to the top of Italian enology.  Enrico is in charge of wine cellars at the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige  (IASMA, Trento), the most important Italian wine school and wine research center, very well known all over the world. Enrico has received many awards, especially for its ability to create refined and elegant wines, particularly characteristic of the production area.



In conclusion, the characteristics of a territory, the history of a wine made respecting strict rules, meet the spirit of our family and the skills of a great winemaker.

In Italian Terra means both soil, land and earth, and Seta means silk, while it is also part of the family name. This brand represents therefore the core of our family's philosophy ad goal, which is to obtain traditional, excellent, and refined products from our unique land property.







Terra di Seta

Terra di Seta Agriturismo in Toscana Terra di Seta Agricoltura Biologica Terra di Seta Agricoltura Biologica

Terra di Seta is one of the founders of the “Classico Berardenga”, an association of winemakers in the Chianti Classico, settled in Castelnuovo Berardenga municipality, the beautiful countryside around Siena known since the Middle Ages for the intense rural activities, commercially and economically closely linked to the city Siena. The "butterfly of the Grand Ducato," as it was called by Leopold of Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany, is an area rich in biodiversity, with vegetation that partly reflects the influence of the sea, but still with many geological and climatic micro zones, different between them. Terra di Seta is characterized by a good altitude, good exposure, by a windy and dry climate and a predominantly rocky terrain with portions of Galestro and Alberese rocks, a perfect terroir for elegant and fragrant red wines.

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